Hair Restoration Physician – Dr. Jezic

Houston Hair Transplant Center is proud to offer the latest available technologies in hair transplant surgery. We specialize in minimally invasive hair transplant and restoration procedures. The results are a fuller head of hair with no unsightly scars.

Minimally invasive hair transplant procedures offer many advantages over traditional techniques. They also reduce the downtime and increase the effectiveness of the procedure by giving the patient more natural looking results.

Hair Transplantation/ Hair Restoration

Hair transplantation and its new advances have become increasingly popular today to both men and women who feel their hair loss ages them beyond their years and makes then look less attractive.

Hair replacement advancements, including NeoGraft, are making it possible for people to change the way people look and feel about themselves. This procedure gives a person back the ability to use their own hair to fill areas of hair loss. Patients can gain back their youthful appearance and restore their confidence.

NeoGraft hair restoration allows hair loss patients to obtain the natural looking results of single follicle hair transplant (FUE hair transplant) with minimal downtime, no incision, and no unsightly scars.

About Dr. Jezic

As a double-board-certified specialist over the last 2 decades I have helped my patients look and feel their best. The recent FDA approval of the minimally invasive NeoGraft procedure prompted me to expand my practice to include hair restoration. It is my sincere intent to treat all patients with the utmost care and respect. I am confident in my ability to achieve optimal hair restoration results with minimal discomfort to my patients and little or no disruption to their daily routines.


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