Heather Dubrow Shamed For Not Having Plastic Surgery

You may know Heather Dubrow as the fashionable and fabulous cast mate on Bravo television’s hit show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. The show pioneered the series and set the standard for wealthy and beautiful women living with their fabulous husbands and fabulous children in their fabulous houses with their fabulous cars, and… you get the idea. Dubrow came onto the show as a ‘Housewife’ in the seventh season. Dubrow hasn’t looked back since, and has been a valuable and sometimes dramatic addition to the cast. Fans of the show will already know that Dubrow is married to a buttocks plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow and that they have four children together– Nicholas and Maximillia, twins at 11, Katarina, 8, and the four year old precious little Collette.

Recently the show has covered the storyline of Heather and Terry selling their home, moving into a rental house, and breaking ground on the site where their immense mansion will be constructed. The latest season of the Real Housewives OC has seen Heather and Terry walking around in their not-quite-finished manor, pointing out what is done and what still needs to be done, and of course, having conversations about closets, bathrooms, tiles, cabinets, going over budget, and home movie theaters. Terry blanches a little bit at going over budget, but hey, the guy’s a famous plastic surgeon that’s on not one but TWO television shows. Can’t he afford to go over?! (Spoiler alert: the cabinets are nearing half a million dollars in expenses. Just the cabinets. So maybe he can– but there’s got to be limits somewhere!).

Terry does make occasional appearances on The RHOOC, but he also currently has his own show as well. The plastic surgeon is staying strictly business on the E! television series “Botched”. Terry joins fellow former RHOOC appearance-maker Paul Nassif. Viewers may remember him as the second-in-command husband to mega wealthy businesswoman Adrienne Maloof. More correctly, fans may prefer to forget him as the constantly berated and commanded husband. He’s much better off now! Single, ready to mingle, and working with his good pal Terry on Botched, the two work to try and reverse horrendous mis-adventures in plastic surgery, from breast implants in the butt cheeks to horribly botched lips.

One might think that since Heather is married to a plastic surgeon, she might have had a little work done herself! After all, isn’t getting free procedures one of the perks when it comes to having a plastic surgeon as your partner in life? Personally, I’ve always found Heather’s tight face, vaguely Joker esque lips and smile(sorry, Heather), and super-ultra-crazy-prominent cheek bones to be a little suspect. I actually thought that the champagne-loving housewife took Terry up on a procedure a time or two. But that is apparently not the case, as I found out as the Internet ran wild with stories and quotes from Heather Dubrow.

Dubrow took to HuffPost Live during an interview on Monday, June 22nd, to talk about her enhancements– or lack thereof. Heather posted a photo to Instagram of herself in a black bikini recently. The photo pictured Dubrow lounging poolside in shades and with her signature drink of bubbly in hand. While the reality tv star got a lot of compliments for the photo, she also said that she got a lot of backlash from haters who apparently were goading her for ‘not having a chest’. The photo was taken while on vacation in Hawaii. “People started body shaming me for not having a chest,” Heather said to HuffPost Live. She also admits that she had more to work with when she was younger, but having four kids, “they suck the life out of you”. Or more appropriately, her chest.

For her part, Heather said that she was fine with anyone getting work done and even approved. She said that getting implants is fine, but she just can’t do it, and asserted that this was her body and face, with no touch-ups needed or present. She says that since she is married to a plastic surgeon, everyone assumes that she’s had a lot of stuff done. Dubrow shot down those rumors and is actually getting flak for her real, natural body.

courtesy dr hall - brazilianbuttlift.com
courtesy dr hall – brazilianbuttlift.com

Heather did keep a sense of humor about the situation, saying that she is after all ‘married to a plastic surgeon and [they live] in Orange County. It’s just too cliche to have implants!”. Well, she is right in that regard.

However, the OC’s most OCD (watch a scene where she’s planning a party, it’s hilarious) Housewife is not exactly turning a blind eye to beauty, either. Heather is well known for her Chanel makeup set and Chanel jewelry on the show, and is very focused about finding options to fight aging that don’t include a scalpel. Heather and Terry own their own anti-aging line, Consult Beaute, and Heather joked to HuffPost Live that the goal is to put her husband out of business so that he can be at home more.

“Stop getting plastic surgery, everyone!” Heather kidded. While she is not pro-body shaming or even anti-plastic surgery, the housewife IS in favor of women (and men, we guess) doing what they want when it comes to getting procedures or having beauty treatments. Heather confirmed this, saying that she thinks it’s ‘fabulous’ and that whatever you do that makes you ‘feel good about your body and yourself, I’m 100% behind”.

But when Heather was quizzed by a fan who wanted to know which of her co-stars could benefit from Terry doing a little nip and tuck on them, Heather declined to name names. Staying diplomatic, she stated that everyone in the cast looks ‘very good’. That’s very diplomatic from the Chanel-loving queen bee who is usually very politically correct… unless you come to her house at night with a bone to pick with her. Then, as Shannon Beador found out, Heather becomes a lot less polite and a whole lot more ‘real’.

If Heather says she hasn’t had work done, who are we to fight it? It’s just a little strange because I always ASSUMED she had work done! Her face is very… Orange County. But let’s face it, if Heather had done her face, she would have done her chest, too. Right?

We’ll take her at her word, and continue to watch Heather be all sorts of fancy on the current season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Champs for everyone!



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