Men and Cosmetic Surgery

Find out Why More Men Are Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Today is a world where beauty and youth are prized even for males. Over the past few years, there has been a growing trend on cosmetic surgery among men. Prominent plastic surgeons in New York revealed that there is a huge misconception among the public that all patients undergoing plastic surgery procedures are women.

Per information from the ASAPS or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the total number of cosmetic procedures for males has grown by over 106 percent from 1997 to 2012.

Furthermore, the group of NYC-based surgeons reported that there are two basic reasons why men undergo cosmetic surgery: 1. to maintain competitiveness in the job market; and 2. to look good. According to these experts, men undergo surgical procedures to help them succeed in a marketplace where looking younger, fit and more masculine is a must. The better you look, the better are your opportunities of going up the corporate ladder.

Further, these surgeons revealed that there are four basic types of men that usually undergo cosmetic surgery procedures. They also outlined the most appropriate type of surgical procedure for them:

  1. The Male Model – usually goes for gluteal implants, pectoral implants, hi–definition liposuction to show off the abs and jaw line augmentation. These man wishes to have a more defined jaw line and beautiful abs.
  2. The Body Builder – this guy usually undergoes similar cosmetic procedures as the male model although he wishes to appear more muscular. This type of male wants his body to grow bigger – big glutates, big chest, although muscularly defined. This guy usually undergoes Gynescomastia, a process wherein some of the fatty tissues found around the breasts are eliminated.
  3. The Board Member or the CEO – this guy usually undergoes plastic surgery to improve their outward appearance as a way to be perceived as more professional and powerful in the workplace. This male is usually at the peak of his career and feels young and confident, although he is worried that he does not look it. Most surgeons advise this type of guy to leave a bit of their wrinkles since they are trustworthy and sexy. Guys of this type usually undergo a procedure called the “Forbes Facelift”, which usually consists of a jaw line re-contouring, eyelift, neck-lift and probably a liposuction procedure.
  4. Athletic Dad – this is the sole category that does not particularly reference a career. This is the male version of the so-called “Mommy Makeover” in females. These types of men usually undergo a small eyelift, liposuction and jaw line re-contouring.

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