Reduce your Chances of having Sinus Problems

We have all had those times when you realise that your nose is stuffy and that it is kicking out an assortment of thick, mucus. You may also be red, achy and coughing. You try taking cough and cold medicine, however this doesn’t help in the long run and you find yourself battling a horrendous headache too.

Finally, you give in and go to the doctors and they tell you that you have sinusitis.

Sinusitis is a common issue and refers to when your sinuses are red and swollen, this is usually due to an infection. Sinusitis can be incredibly painful, and the pain can appear in the eyebrow area, inside the cheekbone and behind the bridge of the nose or between the eyes.

Once you receive treatment for this particular sinus problem you will start to feel much better. However, what you may not realise is that you can try your best to reduce your chances of having sinus problems in the long run.

Keep your noise moist

This may sound like a strange idea, but if you keep your noise moist as much as you can then this will lessen the risk of irritation. This can be done with saline sprays and saline washes.

Avoid exposure to irritants

There are a variety of things that can irritate your nose, particularly in everyday life. Irritants come in a variety of forms. This includes cigarette smoke, cleaning products and hairspray. Of course, you cannot avoid some of these things all the time, however you can try to cut down on the amount that you are exposed to them.

Get tested for allergies

If you find that you are regularly having sinus issues, then it may be a good idea to ask your healthcare professional to give you an allergy evaluation. You may not realise it, but there could be a chance that your sinus issues are being caused by an allergy to something.

Don’t swim for too long

Chlorine, which is found in swimming pools, can be a huge irritant to your nose. This means that if you are finding it hard to cope with regular sinus infections, then try to cut down on the amount that you go swimming for. You should also avoid diving into the water, as this will force the water from the pool into the sinuses and the nasal passages too.

When it comes to sinus problems they are not always easy to fix and for some there is an ongoing battle to try and find relief. However, if you try out these recommendations you may find that your sinuses, particularly in the long term feel much better.

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